We support technical and vocational training in Greece.


Vocational and technical education hub in Southeastern Europe.


Our goal is to revive the historic "HFAISTOS" in the heart of Athens so as to become an ark for hosting vocational and technical education programs in the wider region of Southeastern Europe..


The Educational Association of Athens "Hfaistos" is a non-profit Association, which was founded in 1935 with the aim of providing technical vocational education and training.

"Hfaistos" has a privately owned school complex of 4,500 sq.m. in the area of Agios Eleftherios in Patissia, where he aspires to establish a center for innovation, education and support of innovative youth and social entrepreneurship. This space will offer all the necessary infrastructure and services that a new business needs in its first steps, such as training, multimedia spaces, meetings and events, which will be utilized by companies that do not yet have their own facilities.




The historical body around vocational and technical education

Hfaistos was founded in 1935 to provide technical and vocational training.


Since 1935, we offer to society

Educational Infrastructures

200sqm immediately exploitable

Certified Center

Recognized by EOPPEP

Specialized Networking

Through 87 years of action and presence