HFAISTOS is a non-profit association founded in Athens in 1935, to provide technical
vocational education and training.

From 1960 to 1980, the graduates of HFAISTOS from various technical fields, worked
in many and varied productive fields. With their knowledge and technical training, they
contributed to the reconstruction, rapid economic development, and industrialization
of the country.

HFAISTOS has a complex of 4,500 sq.m. in Agios Eleftherios, in Patisia. It started
with financial support from the Marshall Plan after the Second World War and aspires
to be revived as a model hub of vocational and technical education in the wider region
of Southeastern Europe.

Thus, educational programs of public and private organizations can be hosted in the
area of ​​Ano Patissia or through the online training platform of HFAISTOS.

HFAISTOS offers the necessary infrastructure and services, which are needed by an
educational program, that is, multimedia spaces, meetings, and educational events.

In 2007, with the support of HFAISTOS, the non-profit organization European
Business Academy ( was founded. The European Academy of
Entrepreneurship Trademark is registered with the European Trademark Office for the
27 European Member States. Since 2008 the Academy of Entrepreneurship is a
national partner of the World Entrepreneurship Week, since 2012 it is an intermediary
of the Erasmus program for Young Entrepreneurs and since 2013 is a National
Member for Greece of the global network for supporting businesses in the Startup
Nations stage.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship supports the extroversion of young entrepreneurs
in the area of ​​NA. Europe.
It supports their networking nationally and globally, through workshops and
conferences on issues of organization and proper operation of a new business.

Today, with the Athens Educational Association “HFAISTOS” as one of its founding
members, the Academy of Entrepreneurship focuses its action on the revival and
forging of its present and future, so as to establish itself as a nursery of business
thinking in the wider Eurasian region.